Medals are valuable historic sources, as they transmit to contemporaries and their offspring information about anniversaries, celebrations of events or famous people, images of the past, effigies of political and cultural figures, artists etc.

At the State Mint, medals are produced in two finishing manners: oxidised (the classic manner) and proof (the modern manner).

Classic medals are produced in different diameters, the most often being the 50, 60 and 70 mm.

Proof medals combine shiny surfaces with mate relief and are usually struck in smaller dimensions. Actually the proof technology is what allows obtaining equally heavy medals. In order to avoid degrading in time, proof medals are placed in airtight transparent plastic capsules.

Medals are made of different materials. They can be produced in precious metals (gold and silver) and common metal (tombac, brass).


Besides the medals issued by the State Mint, more important companies, institutions and organisations use to order medals of their own in order to celebrate certain important moments.